Excellence in SME lending – Credit Risk Analysis & Management

  • Conference / Seminar in Goa, India
  • On: 2018/12/20 9:30 To: 2018/12/21 18:30
Target Group:Commercial Banks and NBFCs – Credit Analysts and Relationship Managers in SME Business.Objectives:Two day intensive programme for persons working in the area of SME financing. The course will cover ...

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Corporate valuation and Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Conference / Seminar in Maharashtra, India
  • On: 2019/02/14 9:00 To: 2019/02/15 18:00
Purpose and objectivesThe programme is aimed at appreciating conceptual framework and the practice in Indian M&A market. It opens various perspectives on valuation and restructuring processes adopted in India market. Target ...

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Navratri Festival 2018

The Navaratri festival celebrated in the months of September thru November is a festival of worship, dance and music celebrated over a period of nine nights. The Dandiya is the traditional, folk dance performed with great fervor and enthusiasm. Young ......