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  • Conference / Seminar in USA
  • On: 2020/04/20 9:00 To: 2020/04/21 18:00
  • 0 Registrations
12th International Conference & Expo on Chromatography Techniques April 20-21, 2020 Berlin, Germany Theme: Exploring the Scientific and Industrial Advancements in Chromatography Technique Conference Brochure | Submit Abstract | Scientific Sessions Conference series takes pleasure in inviting the ...

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Annual Meeting on Pharmaceutical Research & Industry Expo

  • Conference / Seminar in New York, USA
  • On: 2019/12/02 21:39 To: 2019/12/03 21:39
LexisConferences will provide an opportunity to participate at Annual Meeting on Pharmaceutical Research & Industry Expo scheduled during December 02-03, 2019 at New York, USA. Pharma Expo 2019 is packed with Workshops, Symposium, Plenary Sessions, Keynote Talks, ...

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Change Control Best Practices - Avoiding Unintended Consequences of Changes : 2-Day In-Person Seminar

  • Conference / Seminar in Alabama, USA
  • On: 2019/10/10 8:00 To: 2019/10/11 16:00
With FDA citing inadequate change control constantly in its 483s and Warning Letters, the prerequisite to ensure that changes are accurately described, justified, assessed for risk, implemented, and documented has ...

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Implementing an Effective Regulatory and Policy Change Management Process : 2-Day Workshop

  • Conference / Seminar in Pennsylvania, USA
  • On: 2019/10/03 8:00 To: 2019/10/04 16:00
In this two day workshop we will review regulatory compliance requirements and Policy Management. The course will focus on the design of the risk management, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and ...

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Why is FDA at my facility, and what do I do during an inspection? : 2-Day In-Person Seminar

  • Conference / Seminar in Massachusetts, USA
  • On: 2019/09/26 8:00 To: 2019/09/27 16:00
This two day course will prepare firms for a quick, productive, and efficient FDA inspection. Included are segments on FDA Law, how to prepare for the inspection, how to prepare ...

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Analytical Instrument Qualification and System Validation : 2-Day In-Person Seminar

  • Conference / Seminar in Massachusetts, USA
  • On: 2019/09/19 8:00 To: 2019/09/20 16:00
Analytical equipment should be qualified, and computer systems should be validated to demonstrate suitability for their intended use. To be acceptable to regulatory authorities, electronic records must comply with 21 ...

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Lifecycle Management of Analytical Methods and Procedures - according to new FDA and USP guidelines

  • Conference / Seminar in Massachusetts, USA
  • On: 2019/09/16 8:00 To: 2019/09/17 16:00
Results of analytical methods are used as the basis for important decisions during development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. All regulatory agencies expect the regulated industry to have procedures in ...

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Identify and Manage Data Integrity Issues, CSV and 21 CFR Part 11 : 2-Day In-Person Seminar

  • Conference / Seminar in California, USA
  • On: 2019/09/16 8:00 To: 2019/09/17 16:00
The FDA and other Health Authorities worldwide have focused their attention on data integrity, considering data integrity to be a significant risk to public safety. This is evident in the ...

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Managing Your Complaints and Obstacles in Post-Market Requirements -- Results from Top Medical Device Observations During an Inspection

  • Conference / Seminar in California, USA
  • On: 2019/09/12 8:00 To: 2019/09/13 16:00
Post-Market activities, Complaint Handling, MDRs, and Recalls are expensive, time consuming, and often lead to more serious financial consequences. Over 80% of FDA Inspection target observations for lack of compliance ...

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Detecting and Preventing Internal and External Fraud : 2-Day In-Person Seminar

  • Conference / Seminar in North Carolina, USA
  • On: 2019/09/09 8:00 To: 2019/09/10 16:00
Organizations of all kinds and sizes are increasingly threatened by fraud. Embezzlement, kickbacks, check fraud, financial statement fraud and vendor billing schemes are just a few of the countless economic ...

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